CHP/PUC Programs

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  At this time we are not accepting any CHP / PUC Programs.  Please check back at a later date if you are interested.

PUC regulations require that testing be performed if a charter-party carrier applicant (new and renewal) proposes to employ any driver who will operate a vehicle having a seating capacity of 15 or less passengers including the driver.  Exemptions are allowed for your driver if he/she is currently enrolled in your company’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) drug and alcohol program. If your driver is removed from the FMCSA program he/she must be immediately enrolled in a PUC program for your company.

PUC programs mimic the FMCSA programs almost exactly. There are a few exceptions to the rules which must be followed to keep your company in compliance.

Our full-service PUC drug and alcohol testing programs include:

  • Step-by-step how-to program manual
  • Required drug and alcohol policy documents to be posted
  • Award winning video training series for employees and supervisors
  • Member’s Only access to the website for both online training and DER assistance 
  • Required policy and training handouts for employees and supervisors
  • Random selection draws
  • MIS report, blind report, and semi-annual lab stat report generation
CHP/PUC Pricing Sheet
Employees Membership
Each additional enrollment year is $15.00 per employee or a minimum of $75.
0-10/th> $200
11-20 $250
21-75 $330
76-100 $440
101-300 $625
301 and over Please Inquire

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