FAA: Employee Drug & Alcohol Training


Drugs at Work – Employee Drug & Alcohol Training

Use our training series and handouts to complete your requirements for employee FAA drug and alcohol training.  Add A Clean Slate and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan, our Supervisory training materials, as a 3-Pack.  NOTE: Drugs at work is available in English or Spanish.


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Drugs at Work – Employee Drug & Alcohol Training

Award Winning Series (60 minutes)

Complete your federally required employee drug and alcohol training.

Topics covered include portions of 14 CFR Part 120 as well as some parts of 49 CFR Part 40 (in relation to drug and alcohol testing).  We will also go over the signs and symptoms of drugs, paraphernalia, random notifications, shy bladder, refusal to submit and the consequences of those actions (including a refusal of an alcohol test).  Sometimes the situation requires notification to the Federal Air Surgeon.  Although it can be a complicated issue, we will go over some of those situations.  There are various stories by addicts intermingled in the training production on how they have overcome the cravings of drugs, and alcohol, and how addiction played a negative part in their lives. This is must have production for your FAA employee training collection.  This disk will cover your employee drug and alcohol training, and is complemented by the disks (Supervisor Drug Training FAA ACS-FAA and Supervisor Alcohol Training FAA AMPP-FAA. Look for the discounted 3-Pack option.)

The training binder includes:

  • Intensive Instructor Guide
  • Exams
  • Supervisor Handout
  • Employee Handout
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Information on drugs and alcohol
  • Class attendance sheet

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