How long will it take to process my membership application?

It generally takes Western Aeromedical Consortium 1-2 business days to process your application and provide you with proof of membership. Within 1-2 weeks your company’s program manual, training materials and testing supplies will be shipped to your location. The program manual provided with your membership contains step-by-step instructions on how to initiate and manage your company’s drug and alcohol program. Testing supplies can be sent by overnight courier if required for an additional charge.

How often are random tests selected?

Western Aeromedical Consortium selects random tests quarterly (i.e., four times per year) and ensures that the selection percentages are performed according to the required federal regulations. By choosing quarterly, this eliminates the chance of an employee being eligible for random selections twelve times a year (i.e., once a month). Western Aeromedical Consortium has found that quarterly, instead of monthly random selections are more convenient for its members.

How are my employees notified they need to random test?

When Western Aeromedical Consortium chooses its random quarterly selections, a member’s Designated Employer Representative, DER (i.e., individual selected by each company to manage its program) is provided with documentation listing the selected employees.  If a company is not chosen to perform random testing they will receive a document stating that no personnel were selected for that quarter.  If a company is required to perform employee random testing for that particular quarter, the company’s DER chooses the time for testing within the quarter. Instead of Western Aeromedical Consortium notifying a member that an employee should immediately be sent to the clinic for testing, your company’s DER is allowed to schedule that testing when it is convenient for your company. Although the employee cannot be notified ahead of time of the required testing, your DER can schedule the test when the employee’s brief absence from work for testing would cause the least amount of disruption. That way, your company is in control of its testing program, instead of the testing program being in control of your company.

What if I have a question regarding the drug and alcohol program?

We encourage you to call Western Aeromedical Consortium as often as you need. Although the program manual and accompanying materials are very easy to follow, occasionally situations or questions may arise. With a combined personnel experience of over 50 years in the industry and a Certified Substance Abuse Administrator (C-SAPA) on staff. Allow us to help answer all your DOT drug and alcohol program testing questions. Learn how easy running and maintaining a DOT drug and alcohol program can be when you use Western Aeromedical Consortium as your Third-Party Administrator (TPA).

Can I put my non-federally regulated safety-sensitive employees in my program?

They can be in a drug testing program but not the same random testing pool as your regulated employees, and they must be tested using different testing supplies.  Contact Western Aeromedical Consortium for information on its non-federally regulated, company policy testing programs.

What testing sites can I use?

Western Aeromedical is partnered with Quest Diagnostics which has available clinics across the country.  You are able to test at any clinic that will accept a Quest Diagnostics lab form. If you need any help with locating a clinic, please use the clinic locator on the Quest Diagnostics website or call Western Aeromedical Consortium. 

What are the membership and testing prices, and how do I sign up?

Please follow the application links below to view pricing and sign up for a program: FAA, FMCSA, CHP/PUC

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