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What Does a DOT Drug and Alcohol
Testing Program Consist Of?

  • Program Manual covering all aspects and situations that may arise in regards to a DOT regulated drug and alcohol testing program (also available in electronic form)
  • Phone or e-mail support with our knowledgeable staff is encouraged whenever questions arise
  • Full support preparing for your next DOT Drug Abatement audit
  • Pre-employment DOT drug testing - (alcohol is optional)
  • Random and post-accident testing
  • DOT Reasonable suspicion training and testing
  • Return to duty and follow-up testing
  • No additional fees for a positive drug or alcohol test
  • Employee training utilizing our Award winning training series
  • Supervisor training - 1 hour of both DOT drug and DOT alcohol training, 2 hours total utilizing our Award winning training series
  • All tests reviewed by a board certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • Handouts for employees covering the DOT regulations and the EAP requirements
  • Policy statement and required posted documents
  • Background authorization forms
  • Handout receipts, class attendance receipts and certificates of training
  • With a combined personnel experience of over 40 years in the industry and a Certified Substance Abuse Program Administrator (C-SAPA) on staff, we guarantee we will be able to accurately answer all of your DOT drug and alcohol program questions. Learn how easy running and maintaining a DOT drug and alcohol program can be when you use Western Aeromedical Consortium as your Third Party Administrator (TPA).

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