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"We frequently recommend Western Aeromedical Consortium to companies that need to raise the bar on their FAA Drug and Alcohol Program. They are the premier leader in the industry for drug and alcohol abatement. In one of my phone meetings with the FAA Drug Abatement Division we were complimented on our choice of programs. They told me that while they cannot recommend, they can compliment; and that we selected one of the very best there is out there. Kimberly LeClaire and her team can be relied upon to provide the very latest and best there is in up to minute information and updates for our industry. We even market to our clients that we utilize this program as it is known for being one of the best in the country. We made the mistake of choosing another national program management company for this initially. That company was not up to date per the FAA standards and also could not answer any questions on specific standards and regulations. Kimberly's team are the walking encyclopedia for FAA regulations in terms of DOT standards and we rely on them regularly for questions and needs. They make our life simpler and easier and cost effective!"

KM, MRO Staffing Manager

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