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What is a Medical Review Officer (MRO)?

  • MRO's and SAP's are required for Department of Transportation (DOT) plans.
  • The MRO must review all drug test results to determine if they are negative or positive.
  • The MRO must have a personal interview with any individual who tests positive for any of the 5 drugs. This interview may be conducted over the phone.
  • At the time of the initial interview the MRO will determine whether the test will be reported as negative or positive.
  • The results would be reported to the employer for either result (positive or negative) - however - a positive test would result in an individual being immediately removed from safety-sensitive duty and referred to a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) knowledgeable in DOT rules and regulations. If the employer chose to keep the employee, the return to duty testing process would be completed. If the employee is eligible per DOT rules to return to a safety-sensitive position, at the current employer or the new employer would be responsible for ensuring the completion of these tests if the employee was let go.
  • An employee may request the specimen be re-tested and/or may request to furnish additional information to the MRO. In such extreme cases an MRO may overturn a positive test and report it to the employer as a negative if sufficient evidence is provided or the retest results in a negative result.
  • Western Aeromedical Consortium has an MRO on contract for both our DOT and Non-DOT Plans.

What is a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)?

  • A Substance Abuse Professional must be trained in the behavioral cues of an individual under the influence of alcohol and or a controlled substance.
  • SAP's are required in an Anti-Drug/Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program. They must evaluate an individual who receives a positive drug test as well as a 0.04 or above breath alcohol test to determine if further treatment is necessary prior to the individual returning to a safety-sensitive function.
  • No individual who fails a drug or alcohol test may return to a safety-sensitive duty without first being evaluated by an SAP who is knowledgeable in DOT rules and regulations and completing the required return to duty process.
  • The DOT requires that you use a SAP that is qualified to act as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) in the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing program pursuant to 49 CFR Part 40 Subpart O.

What is Certified Substance Abuse Program Administrator (C-SAPA)?

  • Extensive experience in the field. 6+ years required.
  • Membership in Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association.
  • Knowledge of all modes of transportation including airlines, trucking, pipeline, coast guard, federal railroad, federal transit, nuclear regulatory, government contracting.
  • Knowledge of drug and alcohol collections.
  • Knowledge of Medical Review Officer (MRO) procedures.
  • Knowledge of the federal regulations.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and experience with every part of a federal and non regulated drug and alcohol program.

Kimberly LeClaire, the owner of Western Aeromedical Consortium is a (C-SAPA) with 20 plus years experience running DOT regulated drug and alcohol testing programs. Allow us to put her experience to use running your company's program.

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