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Anti-Drug/Alcohol Program Contents

  1. Company Program Manual covering the entire drug and alcohol program
  2. Understanding and Running a DOT Drug and Alcohol Program
  3. Program managed by a Certified Substance Abuse Program Administrator (C-SAPA) with 20 plus years of experience
  4. DOT drug abatement audit assistance for your next audit
  5. Timely updates to manuals when regulations change
  6. FAA & FMCSA required drug and alcohol policy posters
  7. Certificate to show to vendors of participation in an DOT mandated program
  8. Award winning DVD training series
  9. FMCSA training DVDs available in Spanish
  10. Direct liaison with DOT
  11. Duplicate test record storage for easy retrieval
  12. Complete start-up instructions
  13. On-line, FAX or telephone contact numbers
  14. Required employee handouts
  15. Required employee training curriculum
  16. Required Employee Assistance Program supervisory training curriculum
  17. Employee Drug Testing forms
  18. Tips and updates regarding the industry and your program
  19. MIS report generation
  20. Blind testing done by Western Aeromedical Consortium

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