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Marijuana - Causes and Effects

Marijuana, also known as the cannabis plant, is a drug that is grown in many parts of the world. The chemical in the drug that causes the most effect is Delta-9-THC. Marijuana is normally smoked but can also be eaten. The effects are different for both situations. Smoked takes effect in a few minutes, the strongest effects occurring after 10-20 minutes and lasting about 2 hours. Eaten - takes effect in about an hour, the strongest effects occurring after two to three hours and can last up to five hours. You must consume three times as much marijuana when you eat it compared to when it is smoked.

Some nicknames are:

Pot, weed, grass, jay, reefer, joint, doobie and hooter.

Studies have shown that you can expect to see some variations of these problems from consuming Marijuana in one way or the other:


users are shown to suffer loss of memory, slow learning ability and loss of muscular coordination.


Marijuana can increase the heartbeat by 50%. This is extremely dangerous if you have a heart problem.


Marijuana smokers, like cigarette smokers, have the chance to develop bronchitis, emphysema, and cancer. One marijuana cigarette does the damage of an entire pack of tobacco cigarettes.

Reproductive System

Men who smoke marijuana can have lower than normal sex hormone levels and lower sperm counts. Women may experience disturbed hormone levels and disrupted menstrual cycles. It can also delay normal sexual development and can cause permanent infertility. Pregnant women will pass THC to their unborn children and they can also pass the drug if they are nursing through the mothers milk. A pregnant woman also stands the chance of having her child born underweight, stillborn or deformed.

Immune System

The white blood cell count will be reduced because of the THC in the system. This means the body cannot fight off infection as well as a healthy adult and will thus be sick more often.

Mental Health

Use of the drug causes varied reactions in every individual who uses it. Some may experience more awareness to their current senses where others may experience negative or fearful reactions. If the user has emotional or psychological problems this drug can make the problems much worse.

Long term users have shown varied symptoms including: Loss of energy; Bad relationships with individuals; Loss of the ability to think clearly; Less interest in other activities; Poor performance in work/school; Loss of memory; Emotional dulling; Loss of drive and goal direction.

Although Marijuana does not have a chemical dependency the user can get psychologically addicted. In the past the belief was that Marijuana was harmless but the medical proof is obvious as to the detrimental effects of this drug.

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