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Cocaine - Causes and Effects.

Cocaine is a drug derived from the Coca leaf grown mostly in South America. After a scientific process the drug is available in a powder form, or in its derivative form of crack cocaine. This drug is addictive, contrary to popular myth, and can cause numerous physical and mental complications to the user. Free baseing cocaine can be fatal if done improperly or if an explosion of the chemicals used occurs.

Some Cocaine Facts are:

1-tenth of the population - over 22 million people have tried cocaine; Each day 5,000 more people will experiment with it; It is a $35 billion illicit industry now exceeding Columbia's No 1 coffee export; 1 in 10 workers say they know someone who uses drugs on the job.

Some nicknames of Cocaine are:

Coke, snow, C, flake, blow and lady.

Some Signs of Cocaine use are:

Dilation of the pupils; Runny or stuffed-up nose; Inflammation of the nasal membranes; Have a less need for food or rest; Will be more talkative and sociable.

Cocaine use, researchers have found, can both cause, and aggravate, the following symptoms:

Anxiety; Irritability; Undue excitability; Aggressiveness; Paranoia; Feelings of bugs crawling under the skin; Seeing, hearing and smelling things that are not there; Violence; Apathy, laziness, lethargy; Compulsive, repetitive behavior; Concentration Problems; Confusion; Memory problems, and Nervousness and restlessness (jitters associated with both the use and withdrawal from the drug); Complications with pregnancy including: low birth weight; miscarriage, deformed babies, babies with brain damage and internal organ damage, and can even attribute to SIDS.

Chronic, high-dosage abuse of the drug can produce in some cases:

Disinterest in relationships with family and friends; Extreme agitation; Panic attacks; Paranoia; Personal neglect; Extreme depression; Suspiciousness of friends, relatives, and business associates - and - a psychotic state almost indistinguishable from paranoid schizophrenia, complete with delusions and hallucinations; For some individuals with heart disease a rupture of a blood vessel can occur triggering possible death; Seizures and heart failure can result from prolonged use.

Some toxic effects can be:

Heavy sweating; Pale skin; aggressiveness, and insomnia.

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