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Amphetamines - Causes and Effects.

Amphetamines were developed to treat narcolepsy and have since been incorporated in treatments for conditions including obesity, fatigue, parkinsonism, depressive syndromes, behavior disorder, petitimal epilepsy and poisoning by CNS depressants.

Some of the effects and signs of usage of amphetamines are listed below:

Oral ingestion:

Increases blood and pulse pressures; Heart rate is often reflexly slowed; With large doses cardiac arrhythmias may occur; In general effects on the smooth muscle include constriction of the blood vessels and decreased motility and tone of the stomach and intestines with contraction of the sphincter muscles.

Central Nervous System Reactions:

Alertness and a declined sense of fatigue; Elation; A feeling of self-confidence; Increased motor activity; The performance of physical and mental tasks are improved, although this does not mean less errors.

Individuals who consume large doses, or who have taken amphetamines for a prolonged period of time will experience reversed effects and will feel fatigued and mentally depressed.

Side Effects:

Headache; Palpitation; Dizziness; Vasomotor disturbances; Agitation; Confusion; Dysphoria; Apprehension; Delerium.

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